We established Ching Chung Hau Po Woon Primary School Elder Academy in 2019. Through the establishment of Elder Academy, we serve multiple objectives.

  1. To promote life-long learning among the elderly.
  2. To maintain healthy physical and mental well-being among the elders.
  3. To promote harmony between the elders and the young.

In the Elder Academy, students can participate in the different kinds of volunteer services or activities for the elders at school campus. It enhances communication between the elders and students. This will not only expand the social network of the elders, but also promote civic education and foster community spirit among the students. We believe the Elder Academy can create intergenerational harmony.

We welcome the elders who aged 55 or above and lives in Tung Chung to join the activities in Elder Academy.

3D 筆初體驗

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