(3) Curriculum design


  • The implementation of PLP-R/W scheme in English language teaching (phonetics, language games, story-telling, etc.)
  • “Efficient Literacy” course in Chinese language teaching
  • “Life skills lessons” in the General Studies curriculum
  • The “Let Me Fly” course in Moral Education (self-management training activities including the “Student Handbook Utilization” competition, “Packing schoolbags” games and “Wonderful ways to score high in dictation”)
  • An establishment of a set of activity routines (using the same slogans or gestures), modes of grouping and classroom grouping arrangements (please refer to the “Small Class Teaching Handbook” for details).

Internal activities:

  • Various types of extra-curricular activities (to be held on Friday afternoons)
  • ‘Stand by My Baby Elephant’ Program: Older Rainbow Brothers and Sisters (senior primary students) and the Rainbow Teacher (the class teacher) will meet our primary one students regularly and hold birthday parties with them to help them adapt to their school life and learning
  • Class-based birthday parties (once a month during Friday lunch breaks).
  • Play rooms
  • The “Close to Our School” Primary One Induction Program

External activities:

  • Educational visits
  • School Sports day
  • Parent-child picnics

(4) Policies of Assessment for Learning

  • Diversified homework design
  • Bi-weekly Chinese and English dictation during the first two months of the school year
  • Integrated assessment using both written and non-written forms (such as class observation, story-telling, data collection)
  • Teachers read out questions during examinations

(5) Liaison and communication with parents

  • Parents’ meetings
  • Parents’ Day
  • The Hundredth Day Banquet
  • “Let Love Embrace Children’s Hearts” - Parent Education Series
  • School bulletin, Ching Chung Newsletter
  • Student handbook, intranet
  • Sunshine Telephone
  • The “Homework Today” displayed in the school website for parents’ checking children’s homework
  • Parent-Teacher Association.
  • Parent volunteers assisting primary one students to have their lunch.
  • Primary One Adaptation Parent Handbook
  • Parents’ questionnaires.
  • Students’ Family Health Charts and Parents’ Consent Letters for Physical Education lessons.
  • Parents’ questionnaires on Primary One Interface Measures




Primary One Orientation Day

late August

v Preliminary understanding of the school environment, operation and curriculum.

Kindergarten Pre-school Parent-child Summer Classes

late August

v Letting parents understand and experience our school curriculum and philosophy.

The First Three Days of School

early September

v Letting students understand the routine of primary school life and learning mode. 

Primary One Class Allocation Parents’ Meeting


v Letting parents understand the school arrangements for the new school year.

  • Students listen intently and enjoy learning.
  • Students are excited to participate in the monthly birthday party and share the joy of birthday.
  • Students performed at the Hundredth Day Banquet and celebrated the first hundred days of school. Parents were invited to join the school to share their joy with their children.