Special features of School-based Mathematics Curriculum

1)    School-based support servicesMr. Lee Yun Keung, Teddy, the Senior School Development officer of School-based Curriculum Development (Primary Section, EDB) visits the school to prepare lessons, exchange ideas and share insights.
2)    English Mathematics Course – A bridging course for Primary 6 students progressing to Secondary 1.
3)    Course of intellectual games - A course on how to play brain-boosting games to foster students’ problem-solving abilities and cultivate students’ interest in critical thinking.
4)    Online self-learning courses – Interactive education resources that are used to help students develop self-learning habits.
5)    E-learning courses at school - E-learning resources that are used to help students understand mathematical concepts and receive instant feedback during their lessons.

Whole class elite curriculum

1)    P.1– Lines and Curves
2)    P.2 - Block Diagrams
3)    P.3 - Comparison of Fractions
4)    P.4 - Areas
5)    P.5 - Compound Bar Charts
6)    P.6 - Discounts

School-based Elite Curriculum for Gifted Students

The school provides Mathematical Olympiad training for gifted students from P.1 to P.6 to help them develop higher-order thinking skills and enhance their problem-solving skills. The frequency of such training is as follows:
1)    P.1–P.4 - Once a week
2)    P.5–P.6 - Twice a week

Activities during the school year

1)    Mathematical Challenge Station - To promote students’ interest in Mathematics.
2)    Estimating Activities – To encourage students to apply their knowledge of Mathematics to solve problems in daily life.
3)    Participating in Mathematics Competitions operated by Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union - To increase students’ interest in Mathematics.
4)    Model-making Competitions– To bring out students’ creativity and to consolidate their knowledge of 3D models and diagrams.  
5)    Life-wide Self-Directed Learning Award Scheme - To create a self-learning environment for students.
6)    Mathematics Trail - The National Mathematics Trail Organization defines this as “an activity that provides learning resources to students through observing their surrounding environment.” Through this activity, not only are students’ interests in the subject aroused, their problem-solving and teamwork skills can be cultivated.  

  • Hau Po Woon Cup Inter-school Mathematics Challenge Our P.5 and P.6 students competed for the Hau Po Woon Cup at the Inter-school Mathematics Competition organized by Ching Chung Hau Po Woon Secondary School.
  • Coach Award of 2017 ‘Xiwanbei’ International Mathematics Contest Our teachers won awards in the Xiwanbei International Mathematics Contest. These included awards for “Best Coaching” at primary level and for “Excellence in Teaching”.
  • Mathematics Trail Students used iPads to play the Mathematics Trail. Through this activity, students’ problem-solving and teamwork skills were developed.