Application for Admission

The Primary One Admission system consists of two stages: “Discretionary Places Admission” and “Central Allocation”. Our school has applied to the Education Bureau to run five classes of primary one totalling 125 primary one places for the 2019-2020 school year.

At the “Discretionary Places Admission” stage, our school will allocate 63 primary one places to applicant children in accordance with the regulations of the Education Bureau. The remaining 62 primary one places will be earmarked for the “Central Allocation”. If an applicant child has not been offered a place at the “Discretionary Places Admission” stage, his/her parent may still include our school in the school choices in the central allocation as our school will earmark 50% of our primary one places for central allocation.  

Our school will not conduct any tests or interviews during the stage of “Discretionary Places Admission”. If the number of applications for discretionary places received by our school exceeds the quota of the discretionary places, we shall refer the applications to the Education Bureau for processing by a computer ballot.

Our school will consider self-initiated applications for primary one places in June and July. Priority will be given to the applicants who have elected our school in both the “Discretionary Places Admission” stage and the “Central Allocation” stage.

For enquiries, please contact our office staff or teacher Ms Chan Ngai Wa at 21090070.