Our school values the home-school communication and cooperation and regards parents as our close partners in education. We are committed to promoting two-way communication between parents and the school. We firmly believe that the interaction between parents and teachers can enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning.


The Parent-Teacher Association has set up a monitoring team on lunchbox catering, a monitoring team on school bus service and a monitoring team on tuck shop service. They hold regular meetings and collect parents’ opinion.


Besides, our school regularly organizes a variety of activities:


1.     Primary One Orientation Day and Parents’ Seminar: they are held annually during summer holiday to help primary one students and parents to understand the school environment and school rules.

2.     Parents’ Day: it is held twice a year at the end of each term to improve communication between parents and the school.

3.     Placement Parents’ Meetings: they are held during the school term to enable parents and subject teachers to exchange ideas in educating children.

4.     Seminars on Secondary School Places Allocation: It is held annually in May to provide advice to primary six parents in their selection of secondary schools for their children.

5.     Occasional thematic talks: Professionals or experienced parents are invited to give talks on the education of children.

6.     Periodicals: “School Newsletter” is published twice a year and the “Ching Chung Bulletin” is published every month. Our school activities, both internal and external, and the results of our students in various  competitions are collectively reported to parents to deepen their understanding of the school activities and let them share their children’s joy in their participation of the activities.

7.     Parent-child activities: Teachers’ Day, Barbecue Party, New Year Confectionery Celebration, parent-child picnics, etc.

8.     Interest classes for parents: Snowy Mooncake Workshop, Narcissus Bulb Carving Workshop, Origami Workshop, etc.