Nowadays, we all recognize the great impact of health on learning and development of school. Hong Kong is a metropolis and is certainly sensitive to it. Therefore, Quality Education Fund (QEF) has commissioned the Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion of The Chinese University of Hong Kong to set up and coordinate the Thematic Network on Healthy Schools since the academic year of 2010/2011 for the purpose of establishing a quality circle of Health-promoting School that promotes the concept and good practices of school health promotion to all local schools for the long-term benefits of our healthier generations to come.

Our school endorses the importance of health education for the school’s development so it was put in our list of concerns from the year 2014 to 2017. We have also applied to be the partner school of QES Thematic Network on Healthy Schools. By implementing a series of relevant policies and courses regarding to the 6 major aspects for development of the program: Healthy School Policies, School's Physical Environment, School's Social Environment, Action Competencies for Healthy Living, Community Links, School Health Care and Promotion Services, messages on health are spread within the campus. It is our honor to be accredited again this year by taking one step further to be given the Gold Award of Healthy School which is encouraging. The supports and trusts from our teaching staff, parents and students are essential as building up a healthy campus, helping our students to develop healthy lifestyle and positive values are not simple tasks. We are grateful for the kind assistance offered by people in different sectors in making our school healthy and caring with the participation of the whole school to allow our students to grow in a safe and loving environment.

In addition to classroom learning, students can learn to cooperate as a team and strengthen their team spirits through participating in various events and competitions at school and outside school. Students who take up the post of Litter Warden will be on duty in the playground during recess to help cleaning up around the school and provide advice for other students who litter. Teachers will encourage the students to treasure the school’s environment during the weekly assemblies so as to foster their social ethics. Setting up of Environmental protection Ambassadors among the students can help promoting environmental education and relevant activities whereas Little Farmers are responsible for promoting organic farming. Students are also encouraged to participate in different activities held by green groups and the school, such as field trip to Huizhou, Earth Hour, etc. Over 100 parents, teachers and students of our school have participated in the 1st Inter Primary-School Calorie Burning Competition. Our school ranked the 4th among all participating primary schools. In terms of total calories burnt, our teachers Man Chun Him and Tai Ying Kit are the champion and 1st runner up respectively among all participating teachers while our student ranked the 6th among all students from the participating schools. Our students can then be able to broaden their horizon through exchanging with people outside the school and learn to appreciate themselves and others given the external reference. As for moral education, our school has been receiving the Caring School Award consecutively over the past 14 years. Furthermore, our teacher Wong Chau Mei has received The 1st Outstanding Teaching Award for Moral Education. Our school would like to instill in the students the messages of care, love and peace through different channels. Programs, such as Senior Companion Scheme are implemented to grant senior students chances to learn to take care of junior students and allow junior students to experience the loving atmosphere.

Our school is going to introduce more resources and forge closer ties with other social groups for promoting healthy school and fostering school’s development. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the professional teams of the Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and each stakeholder for their helping hands. At the same time, we are looking forward to more help from all of you in boosting the further development of the school as a healthy campus.