S.1 Bridging Measures

Measures for Smooth Transition from Primary to Secondary Level



•  To strengthen the vertical coherence of the curriculum of each subject between the primary and the secondary levels in the whole-school curriculum planning;

  To modify the curriculum development in a way that provides students with coherent learning experiences;

To help students to adapt to the learning and teaching, and assessment of four subjects - Chinese language, English language, Mathematics and General Studies.


School-based measures


To help primary six students to adapt to secondary school life, our school has developed the following measures to enable students to understand the secondary school curriculum:-


Events                                  Content

1.Parents’ Meetings               To introduce parents to the secondary school system and curriculum to prepare for secondary education.


2.Talks by secondary school principals                  

Secondary school principals will be invited to come to our school to give talks on the secondary school system and school life to enhance the communication and cooperation with secondary schools of various districts.


3.Seminars on the transition from primary to secondary level

There will be parents’ seminars and open days in relation to the transition from primary to secondary level held by secondary schools within and outside our district. The latest information will be collected and uploaded onto our school website. Our students and parents are encouraged to attend the activities.


4.School visits                       Prior to the application stage for Secondary 1 Discretionary Places, our teachers will lead our students and parents to visit secondary schools within and outside our district to provide students with the opportunity to experience the classroom learning in secondary schools.


5.School website                   Our school website contains guidelines and information for parents and students on Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) System.


                                             There is the “Information on S.1 Admission” page on our school website, which contains the latest information on the briefing sessions and seminars held by secondary schools within and outside our district.


6.Talks on the interview skills for secondary school admission

   Interview skills and etiquette will be taught.



Useful Information on Secondary School Admission (websites)


1.     General Information on Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) System




2.     Education Bureau website – Secondary School Profiles




3.     Handbook for Application for Secondary 1 Discretionary Places