Parents Reading Club

Parents are a child’s first teacher. If parents put emphasis to reading, their children will do the same. Our school values reading a lot as it is key for learning. And we hope to promote reading with the help of parents.

Accordingly, the Parents Reading Club was set up in December 2017 for the promotion of reading by recruiting a bunch of enthusiastic parents as the backbone of the Club.

On the other hand, we have invited the Little Green Feet Reading Club which is a reading club famous among Hong Kong aiming to promote reading to provide trainings for our school. Altogether 5 training workshops for parents and 3 training workshops for teachers have been successfully held throughout this school year to equip them with adequate storytelling skills and knowledge on picture books.

There are 10 enthusiastic parents in our school taking up the role of Reading Ambassadors. They have all contributed to organize the Picture Books Reading Activity 4 times this year. Meaningful picture books with good quality were carefully chosen to be told to the students in the morning and after lunch.

There were 3 major activities held by the Parents Reading Club, including Having 100 Dogs In Tung Chung which is the first ever theme activity held in 3 Feb for picture book reading and puppet dog making with participation of 30 families, Read Our Market by Feet which is our second theme activity held in 3 March for picture book reading, research on price of drinks in the community, sewage screening trial with participation of 28 families, The Painter of Dreams, our third theme activity held in 5 May in which 6 parents were invited to read picture books and 30 families were invited to draw huge pictures based on the theme: Beautiful World together outside the school so that each one of them was able to showcase their talents.

Our school will soon become the base for the Little Green Feet Reading Club in Tung Chung for the further promotion of reading.