General Information


Our school is a whole-day aided primary school and the school sponsoring body is Ching Chung Taoist Association. The Incorporated Management Committee has been established in 2007.


1.    Respect Taoism and value the development of the five areas: moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic.
2.    Teach students in accordance with their aptitude and develop the potential of students.
3.    Provide a good learning environment to cultivate students' interest in learning and establish their self-esteem.
4.    Nurture students to care and serve the community.

Mission statement

To offer a balanced education for the development of the whole person, to let students grow in love and learn with care, mentoring students to be self-discipline and understanding as well as living out a positive life.


We are committed to implement the three beliefs:

1.    Pursue excellence
2.    Maintain the well-established school traditions
3.    Nurture aesthetic development

School Hours (Monday to Friday)
  • Lessons start from 8:30am to 3:35pm.
  • There are extra-curricular activities sessions on Fridays
  • Lunchtime is from 12:25pm to 1:20pm.
  • Students can join the escorted team when dismiss.